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Choosing a Vital Session

When you open the Vital Neuro app, you will select one of the brain-training collections—RELAX, MEDITATION, FOCUS, or OPTIMIZE— and pick from within that collection a session based on how you are feeling, time of day, what you are planning to do in the next few hours, and the state of mind you want to achieve.

Vital Collections

And, to practice a daily habit shared by over three quarters of the world's most successful people, choose sessions from the MEDITATE collection.

Meditate Sessions: Vital’s rear sensor is activated for delving deeper into a state of meditation. Begin an exploration of your mind and your deeper states of consciousness. Become more agile in the face of distressing thoughts. Achieve a greater sense of mastery of your mind, and a perception of general well-being, brighter mood, and a stronger feeling of inner peace. Reduce anxiety and better manage high stress.

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, want to start your day with relaxation, or need a peaceful break to reset and restore, or transition in the evening to sleep... choose sessions from the RELAX collection.

Relax Sessions: Vital’s rear sensor is activated, and your internal world is fully engaged for deeper states, and unconscious processing. There’s an almost immediate physiological shift from fight or flight into rest, relax and restore. Ideal any time throughout the day for resilience, self-regulation, deep relaxation and immersive meditation. Feel your stress level drop dramatically, and your sleep improve.

When you're feeling distracted, or need to concentrate, choose sessions the FOCUS collection.

Focus Sessions: Vital’s center sensor is activated, with an orientation toward open, calm, and mindful attention—ready to engage with sensory information. Neuroscientists refer to this as a calm focus, or being in a state of flow. You’ll feel ready to pay attention, prepared to be at task in the moment, alert, aware of and better able to regulate body sensations, clear headed, and calm centered.

And sessions from the OPTIMIZE collection will help you feel primed for interactions, meetings, presentations, sports, workouts, activities, and artistic expression:

Optimize Sessions: Vital’s front sensor is activated in the brain area that controls executive function and movement—your brain’s management system. Expect to see improvement in working memory, planning, organization, reasoning, judgment, impulse control, and emotional regulation. You’ll feel ready to go, optimized to best perform for yourself, your family, in your career, and your community.

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