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“The market for products to help people relax and meditate is exploding, with growth expected to continue for years.  Since no one product is going to be perfect for everyone, having many options for patients and professionals is important and Vital Neuro's music-based app and headset are a welcome addition to the space.  The form factor of their headphones, combined with discrete EEG sensors and personalized music content, sets them apart from other players in this space. The fact that Vital Neuro has made the decision to explore the efficacy of their products distinguishes them from most of the other systems currently in the market, and it demonstrates their commitment to research-backed product development.”

Walter Greenleaf


Virtual Reality and Digital Health Expert

Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab

“This was the first time I was able to see my brain react to soothing sounds, and see what it feels like to get to a peaceful state. This will innovate everything we know and understand about the brain and meditation. Truly an experience that carries you through the day... not just the moment... which is what meditation is meant to do.” 

Rosie Acosta

World Renowned Yoga and Meditation Instructor

“I had an amazing opportunity to pilot the Vital Neuro prototype with a group of global executives in the health and wellness industry in both Chicago and the UK as part of a training I facilitated on growth mindset and learning agility. I’ve coached executives worldwide through the practice of meditation, but I’ve never been as excited for an advancement in meditation practices and its impact on executive performance as the Vital Neuro technology! It makes meditation so simple: you wear the brainwave sensing headphones, and in real time—together with the Vital neurofeedback app—a series of musical tones customized to your brainwave patterns guides your brain to a meditative state. Plus, there are additional protocols that prime the brain for advanced cognition (higher-level decision making and executive functioning). I’m excited to watch the Vital Neuro platform become commercially available, and to experience its benefits in my personal performance! This. Is. A. GAMECHANGER.”

Leslie Kawai

Principal Consultant,

The RBL Group

“It was really profound. I really felt great and noticed a fair amount of joy and bliss come up at different times in my experience.”

Rex Montague-Bauer


Rookha Group and Journey’s Dream

“Very impressive how quickly and long I was in that meditative state.  I have practiced meditation enough to know it is hard to get to that place quickly.  I want one!”

Greg Pavich

Executive Vice President

Office Leasing / Investments


“I had a wonderful opportunity recently at the Sundance Film Festival to spend 15 minutes with the Vital Neuro headphones. I escaped into a peaceful experience of pure and amazing solace and after my session I was left feeling relaxed, refreshed and alert—better than my sleep the night before! These headphones are a must for living in LA!”

DaniElle DeLaite

TV Host, Entertainment Reporter

Singer, Performer


“As an educator and as a student myself, I have some pretty high-stress, high-demanding days. And as somebody who spends a lot of time trying to implement mindfulness and coping techniques to deal with that stress, I've been very impressed with the tech that I've experienced from Vital Neuro. All of my experiences thus far have been some pretty deep experiences with relaxation, with mindfulness. And this is a technology I could see myself using every day to help decompress from all of my weekly stressors and daily stressors. So, this is a technology and product that I would recommend up and down for all of my fellow educators and anybody that deals with high stress situations daily.”

Roma Jones


American Academy of Innovation

“I have meditated for a number of years, but not very deeply—I have a very active mind and there are times that I'll be more relaxed, but nothing like this. This is pretty cool. I started to experience pretty quickly different colors and shapes and it was very relaxing and different. It was intriguing. I could sense people moving around me, and going and doing things, but after a while I did have thoughts that it must be time to get out of this session.  And then the answer would come... Why?"

Paul Repicky, Ph.D

Adjunct Professor

School of Business Management,

National University

“I have a daily meditation practice and I was blown away by Vital Neuro. I was able to tap into that 'floaty + focused' feeling very quickly and sustain it for a majority of the time. I could easily see myself using this in my day to day, and exponentially improving my practice.”

Anaïs Ganouna

Los Angeles Lifestyle Photographer

Entrepreneurship Strategist, Guide, Speaker

“It was extremely relaxing and the fastest I've ever gotten into a meditative state—it was like seven seconds. And I had the thought to just do what I do and surrender. So, what I noticed was I was experiencing a lot of thoughts that were flowing through instead of thinking. It was like I was experiencing the thoughts. And I was actually talking. I was processing stuff. I was touching the different parts of my face and experiencing a kind of an energetic release.”

Mark Hattas

Co-Founder and CEO

Optimal Being

“There have been a couple of times, when I need to relax when something's agitating me or stressing me out, that I actually have found that I start thinking about the music itself. Specifically, it's the singing woman that actually comes to mind the most, which I find interesting because initially she's the part I liked least, but that is what's actually caught on in my head and helps with relaxing. So, I have used that a few times without the headset to be able to just stop, think, calm down—and it happens pretty quick. So that's been fantastic. It has helped me. I look forward to taking a few minutes out of my day to pause and relax.”

Aaron Burton

Computer Programmer

“After about 5 minutes of wearing the headset, my body felt a coolness running through it while my head felt warmth and floaty…almost like I was drifting in clouds. Afterward, I felt relaxed on a cellular level and far more entirely than CBD or CALM supplement use. That night I slept soundly, deeply and stayed asleep. The next morning, I woke up feeling refreshed with a clear mind. That night while having a glass of wine over dinner with my husband, I looked at him with tears in my eyes because I felt so at peace. It was an incredible feeling! Working in the entertainment industry, and public relations especially, the job requires mass absorption of stress. Fight or flight is an understatement, and it’s near impossible to relax your mind to get solid sleep. Vital Neuro will be a definite purchase once it comes to market. Now that I’ve tried it, I’m hooked. It’s the closest to peace I’ve felt as far back as I can remember.”

Stacey Barker

CEO, Jade Umbrella

Lifestyle + Entertainment Public Relations

“I have used Vital Neuro several times in an environment at my work, just taking a break to see what it can do for me, if it can realign or reset my sense of peace and help combat a little bit, or neutralize some of the anxiety I sometimes feel at work. I have been able to create in my mind's eye, kind of a picture or a visual image of what it feels like to be in a really perfect state, or close to perfect state, of relaxation. And the great thing for me has not been when I've been using it, but I've had a few times now when I've been struggling to fall asleep, or struggling with having a migraine headache, and I just have been able to close my eyes and come back to that mental image of the energy fields, or the feeling of calm and peace that I felt when I was in the zone that I was going for… using the device. And I'm finding that as a practice, it becomes easier and easier. So, it's giving me the ability to know what it feels like and where to go in my mind's eye to be able to create that sense of calm. So, I'm really interested in seeing if I can strengthen that in the future.”

Amy Akin

Language Arts Instructor

American Academy of Innovation

“Using the device was first of all, very relaxing. It did bring on a state of calm and I did feel more relaxed after the session. I was very interested in the biofeedback. And the possibility of personal, accessible biofeedback on brainwaves is really interesting, and I enjoyed seeing the response of the machine to my brain. I wasn’t always a hundred percent sure what was being measured and how, but it was really interesting to see how my different mindsets, or the mood I was in, or the ideas I was having, or different meditative states that I might get into naturally affected the readings.”

Steve Barfuss

Meditation and Language Arts Instructor

American Academy of Innovation

“I've been trying the Vital Neuro headphones once a week for about two months. At first it was kind of hard for me to concentrate. I realized that I needed to get rid of all distractions so that I could actually focus and drop into the zone. But as far as doing it at work, it's been really nice to know that I have this set aside time where I just get to go relax and let my thoughts pass in front of me, like they're just thoughts on a screen and not affecting me. And I've loved just the calm that it’s given me in the process. I would love to do a longer study that’s more consistent on a daily basis, and be able to get more feedback about how those waves are actually affecting the way that I react to life. It's a little bit hard to gauge that right now, but I feel like the potential is there, and I would love to be able to see those results. But I do know that at least as far as the chart goes, and looking at my brainwaves, that I've been able to stay in that elevated state longer with continued use. So that's been pretty cool.”

Melissa Chipman

Art Instructor

American Academy of Innovation

“I was pleasantly surprised at the experience of using the headphones for relaxation. I've in the past experienced, or worked through, quite a few things to work towards relaxation. I carry a lot of stress in my body and in my mind and everywhere else. I have a hard time relaxing. I carry other people's concerns, worries, burdens, as well as my own.


I'm a mother of three grown adults who are experiencing stress in their lives. And then I work with teenagers day in and day out, and their parents. Myself, I'm divorced after a 28-year marriage and have done things like meditation and yoga and regularly do stretching and massages, just all those things that I'm trying to do to relax. And I use aromatherapies, things like that. So, I'm always attracted to something that at least claims to be some kind of a relaxation technique.”


“What I was pleasantly surprised about though, was the depth of ability. I really have never been able to feel like I was relaxed and this gave me a measurable opportunity to see, and for my body to learn, what relaxation actually felt like. And that was an eye-opening experience for me just to have that measurable data to look at so I can go, oh, okay, the breathing techniques that I was using to focus and really lean into the experience worked! Or, I remember when I was getting distracted in my meditation, that was the timing of it and that's why I wasn't quite in that same meditative state.”


“So, the data really was worthwhile to me. And that's something that I'd want to continue, if I were to purchase the product, would be to be able to have that feedback in the end to be able to improve my ability to relax. I think that’s the thing, as far as I'm concerned, that was most beneficial. And just being able to actually complete the relaxation process, how quickly I felt relaxed, how it could only take just a few minutes for my body to lean into the experience and to feel fully focused in that moment. That was a surprise to me, especially being in a trial situation in my school, in a cold dark room, the environmental factors were not an issue. It was about being able to focus in the moment. It was about the device and I found that incredibly useful.”


“I would definitely be a candidate for purchasing this because I struggle with finding any kind of a release—my massage therapist could tell you that. I walk away from this experience with the feeling of not just having been relaxed, like I'm ready to go to sleep, but having had a moment to reset and recharge and actually be energized afterwards. For me that's why I need to relax, to experience that recharge moment and the ability to move forward and to have my cup full, to be able to give what I need to students, and give what I need to my family.”


“Of course, I wasn't in a position to be able to go home and go to sleep, but I probably wouldn't have done that anyway. It isn't a tiring exercise. I found it very invigorating and recharging. So, I love the uniqueness of it, and I love the science behind it and for those aspects I find it an incredible product.”

Chellee Hilverda

Dean of School Culture, Counselor

American Academy of Innovation

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